Geely EV450 cut anatomical display car

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Maximum power: 120kW

Maximum torque of front motor: 250N·m

Body size: 4631mm×1789mm×1495mm

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Geely EV450 Dissection Car


Maximum power: 120kW

Maximum torque of front motor: 250N·m

Body size: 4631mm×1789mm×1495mm



1. The Geely New Energy EV450 vehicle slitter cover, front glass, top, bottom plate, and rear glass instrument panel are used to display the installation positions of the car's various assemblies;

2. Additional system: detection terminal, fault setting system, etc., lead signals from the center console to the teaching board, draw the main control unit and connector terminals of the original car on the teaching board, directly monitor the real-time signal of the drive system, and master the changing laws of different parameters

Training Contents

1. Cognition of the overall layout of each system of a pure electric vehicle

2. Cognition of the overall structure of pure electric vehicle frames and body panels

3. Cognition of pure electric power system

4. Cognition of pure electric drive system

5. Cognition of pure electric braking system

6. Cognition of pure electric walking system

7. Cognition of pure electric suspension system

8. Cognition of pure electric power steering system

9. Cognition of pure electric electrical system

10. Cognition of pure electric battery management system

11. Pure electric vehicle maintenance items and key points



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Signing Ceremony



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