Beifang to Harness the Power of Technology to Inspire a World of Change at ASEAN Expo 2022

On September 16, 2022, the 19th ASEAN Expo opened in Nanning, Guangxi, with the participation of approximately 50 nations and regions from outside of China, including ten ASEAN countries, businesses, and domestic business leaders. Beifang Vocational Education (Beifang) presents the latest comprehensive solution for automotive education at ASEAN Expo.



Suspended Deconstruction of an New Energy Vehicle

Beifang brings to the exhibition the global industry-education integrated intelligent education ecological platform, which helps to modernize and diversify education while taking education quality and equipment into account. It also brings customized and more intelligent automotive education solutions to China and the global automotive education market.

Over the years, Beifang has strongly supported the development of the new energy vehicle industry, practiced the national environmental protection policy guidelines, and forged ahead on the road of researching new automobile technology, living up to the expectations.


At the booth, 360 degree new energy and intelligent network connection and other automotive teaching aids shone in the new energy vehicle exhibition area. Cyberpunk-like space with a highly futuristic exhibit of technology aroused and attracted numerous visits, making it the booth with the most attention. Besides, ASEAN ambassadors and national leaders also visited the Beifang booth and gave high praise.


Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian Ambassadors Visit Beifang

Beifang showcases the "multi-dimensional teaching system" HD live teaching solution in a dynamic demonstration. Each device is equipped with a QR code teaching system and its own online course technique to recreate the application scene of live teaching.


Diversified Technological Educational Equipment

Beifang collaborates with over 180 research organizations, universities, schools, and automobile manufacturers to create training equipment with individualized teaching programs. Alternatively, Beifang and China Aerospace encourage the integration of the aerospace sector and education, improve school-enterprise cooperation, and cultivate more inventive and sophisticated technical employees who fulfill aerospace criteria. With the launch of the ASEAN Expo, Beifang will continue to contribute to the fulfillment of this blueprint and inject new energy into the development of skilled personnel education in China.

Post time: Oct-08-2022